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Fannin County Students' Career Education Day at GPB

GPB welcomed special guest visitors from Fannin Middle School recently. Students from the Careers connections classes (which I think were called “exploratory classes” when I was in school a few years ago) checked out the studios at GPB. See the note from their teacher below:

Troyia and I have decided that our day with you was the most successful field trip we have ever been on. Thank you again! All of us at FCMS appreciate all that you did for us!
Tammi Summers

Getting students out of the classroom and opening their horizons to new experiences can be truly invigorating for both the teacher and the students.

You can see images of the students on their Career Connection field trip below.

A group shot in the GPB lobby

GPB's Amy Cooper, Steve Carey, and Ashley Mengwasser with a group of students

The students get to interact with the green screen... and GPB's Steve Carey

On what field trip would you love to take your students?