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Inventure Prize: A New Kind of Science Fair

The Inventure Prize competition airs tonight at 7PM
The Inventure Prize competition airs tonight at 7PM

Tonight is the night that the Inventure Prize winner will be chosen in a live competition show at Georgia Tech, broadcasted by GPB at 7PM. You can watch and encourage your students to watch online and join in the chat discussion, too.

While the Inventure Prize competition has been occurring for several years now, there is a new element this year: a K-12 Inventure competition. Two teachers, who are also Georgia Tech alums, have hosted their own “mini” Inventure competition among students at Rockdale Magnet School and Peachtree Ridge High School. The program functioned as a pilot project that they’re hoping will grow into schools across Georgia.

Just like Georgia Tech’s Inventure Prize, this model project is teacher-organized. (If that thought alone was overwhelming, think of it as a science fair where students spend more time on design and engineering solutions.) Their instructions to students -- find a need then focus on the engineering and design processes to solve the problem. Fifty students from each school submitted entries including a sanitizing retainer case, microbial evidence gathering, and automatic router setup.
Tune in to the competition show tonight to see Bahareh Azizi interview the teachers about their program and to learn more about hosting an Inventure Prize among your students.

Tonight’s competition show includes a text-to-vote People’s Choice award. Listen to podcasts of interviews by GPB’s Joshua Stewart with this year’s competing inventors and decide who you’d like to win.