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The Abolitionists

Who were the key figures of the abolitionist movement? How did they band together to transform what was considered a fringe movement into a force that changed society? The three part mini-series The Abolitionists answers these questions and tells the story through the eyes of many of the key figures who shaped the movement. It premieres Tuesday, January 8 at
9 p.m. on GPB and subsequently airs January 15 and 22.

The Abolitionists features mini-bios on the famous names of the movement like author Harriet Beecher Stowe, ex-slave and orator Frederick Douglass and activist John Brown.

To compliment the program, PBS has comprised a list of guides, lesson plans and curriculum resources. You can access them here. Plus you can watch a preview of the documentary below.

Watch The Abolitionists, Chapter 1 on PBS. See more from American Experience.