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Q&A With President Carter

President Carter continues working on global issues/
President Carter continues working on global issues/

The Carter Center is celebrating its 30th anniversary. To help celebrate, its founder, former President Jimmy Carter, is taking questions through the center’s website, Facebook and Twitter. President Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, launched the international health and human rights organization in 1982, a year after leaving the White House. Since it’s founding, the Carter Center has monitored elections, implemented disease eradication programs and worked in developing countries to expand access to food and health care.

The Carter Center’s three main tasks are “waging peace, fighting disease, and building hope.” They are all ambitious goals, but representatives of the center have made significant strides in improving life for millions of people in its 30-year history.

This is an excellent opportunity to explore global issues with your students. To get started, you can review a digital flipbook online exploring the on-going work through The Carter Center.