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How Einstein and Social Media Can Inspire a Passion for Learning

The title of our blog is Passion for Learning (now Education Matters). But what does that mean to you as an educator? Does that mean that you have a fire for amassing knowledge? Does that mean you have a zest for sharing information with your students?

While everyone's definition of the phrase varies, we can learn how to ignite a passion for learning in our students from Albert Einstein. It's said that Einstein is considered one of the world's most brilliant minds because of his passion for learning. He was passionate about "working hard and imagining the impossible."

Years before social media became a popular type of web communication, he employed it offline to foster learning. He created the Olympia Academy to consult with friends on physics ideas.

In this post by Master Teacher Miriam Clifford, check out 8 Ways Educators Can Foster Passion Based Learning inspired by Albert Einstein.

It includes suggestions you can easily implement in your classrooms or perhaps you already have. Let us know what you think!