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World Teachers Day 2012

Did you know that today is World Teachers' Day? Created by UNESCO and held annually since 1994, this day celebrates the teaching profession worldwide.

Every year the day has a theme. This year’s slogan is “Take a Stand for Teachers” to remind everyone that local educators are in need of support.

Educators share common conditions across the globe. Lack of training, resources, pay and support are apparently universal. Teacher attrition is a major issue particularly in developing nations.

Despite the conditions, educators around the world agree that teaching is rewarding and inspiring. And many would not do anything else. Take a look at some of these videos from teachers who discuss what it means to them to instruct. I hope it uplifts you up!

And of course share what teaching means to you in the comments section.

A high school teacher from South Australia talks about what it means to him.

Here is a commercial from Singapore's Ministry of Education on the power of a teacher's influence.