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Stopping the Drop Out Nation

On the heels of American Graduate Day, we’re airing a Frontline special called Drop out Nation. This programming is part of our continuing commitment to help teachers keep students in school particularly when they are at risk to leave.

Drop out Nation profiles four at-risk students at Houston's Sharpstown High School, a once-notorious "dropout factory," and the teachers, counselors and principal who are trying to keep them in school.

These stories could easily be about students from a school in Georgia. Many of them are at risk because of their personal circumstances, being passed through grades without ever learning or very poor schools themselves.

The overused phrase, it takes a village to raise a child couldn’t be more the case with regard to keeping children in school. It takes a team of teachers, counselors, parents, and administrators to help students excel.

The principal of Beach High School in Savannah says it best when characterizing his school’s turnaround: "If a student isn't learning, give them extra help.”

Read and listen to Beach’s amazing turnaround in a special report by Orlando Montoya. In addition to offering a case study with tangible examples, it’s a complement to Drop Out Nation in assisting educators in coming up with plans to stem the drop out crisis.