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Teaching Tough Subjects: September 11

In the eleven years since planes flew into the twin towers in New York, the landscape of our country and our world has changed greatly. The difference in the time and number of actions required to enter the airport and board a plane alone are significant changes for our society. There is also a heightened awareness of and caution around the issue of terrorism, a word that I didn’t know – or certainly fully understand – until the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The historical differences and significance of the atrocious attack on our own soil can be hard to impress upon students. Children in the 5th grade now weren’t even alive when the attacks occurred. Of course, it’s not a topic appropriate to discuss with every age child either.

For those students who are old enough to hear about it, GPB has a Septemeber 11th resource page to help with talking points, answers to tough questions, and a video of Governor Deal’s address commemorating last year’s anniversary of the attacks.