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Tech Thursday: Four Easy Video Editing Tools From YouTube

Many teachers are either teaching video production classes or including video creation as part of class assignments. Cellphone cameras make capturing the video easier. But how to edit it is another story. YouTube has some online applications for that.

First of all, did you know that YouTube has its own simple video editing application? It’s very basic; you can trim the beginning and end of your video with it. But it’s pretty functional for first time video producers and creates simple projects fast. How do you use it? Log in to your YouTube account, click on an individual video and then click on the Enhancements tab. You’ll see a button with a pair of scissors that says trim. Click on it, then edit away.

Here are four other easy video editing tools you can use by logging into your YouTube account. (View YouTube’s full list of recommendations here.)

1.) Stupeflix Video Maker: Through this video editor, you can mix photos, maps, text, music and of course your video all together.

2.) Go Animate: This fun app turns users into newbie animators without having to draw.

3.) Xtranormal Movie Maker: If your students prefer CG animation, they can use this app to create it. Students simply select characters, scenes and type in their scripts to make their actors speak.

4.) Vlix: This app is great for nurturing budding Steven Spielbergs. Students can apply more complex special effects and borders to their videos.