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UGA Best Party School and College Newspaper

The Princeton Review is out with its Best 377 Colleges rankings. Since most media are concentrating on the University of Georgia being listed as one of the best party schools once again - they missed a more positive distinction UGA received: the Princeton Review added the school’s independent newspaper to it’s best college newspapers list.
ranked number 10 on the list. Given that the paper has experienced some turmoil lately, it’s a welcome honor. Recently the paper’s editor in chief and managing editor were in dispute with the board over editorial control of the publication. Those issues have been resolved.

UGA’s paper is unique in that it is independently run from the college and self-funded. Many of the institution’s journalism students gain real world experience there while attending classes.

Immersing students in a real journalism environment - similar to medical residents working in hospitals - is an approach more programs should adopt. The field is constantly evolving and needs innovation to survive in this social media heavy environment.

GPB recognized this and has joined forces with Mercer University and the Macon Telegraph in creating the Center for Collaborative Journalism. Through this distinct program, students learn how to produce radio, print and online news in one swoop.

They work alongside real working journalists. The process flows smoother because the GPB Macon Studios, the newspaper and classrooms are located in one space.

You can learn more about the program through this post by GPB Radio’s Rickey Bevington.

If you are a journalism teacher, we would love to hear from you on how students can get the best training in the field.