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Tracking Your Students’ Performance Just Got Easier

It’s a scenario that teachers face all the time: a new student comes from another school. How did that student perform in his or her former school? Is that student ESL? How did he or she fare on statewide exams?

There is a new online system that can answer all of those questions immediately.

Through the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) Grant Program student permanent records will be available rather quickly through an online student information system.

According to the site:

“Transfer student data is available the morning after the student is claimed and added to your schedule. You'll know if your new student is an SWD, an ESL, or has been retained.”

This system is not limited to transfer students. It is being implemented for all students across Georgia. The intention is to allow educators to track student performance and achievement from pre-k to college and analyze what makes students successful.

There is training on how to use SLDS system. Go to the Georgia SLDS site for more information and to access the teacher resources and training.

Will you use this system? Would you find it helpful? Let us know.