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Yes Try this Experiment at School

This week President Obama announced an initiative to cultivate a STEM Master Teacher Corps. This elite team would go to other schools - particularly ones that lack adequate science, technology, engineering and math departments and train other teachers to become Master teachers themselves. What would a STEM Master Teacher be like?

Hopefully he or she would be a person who not only has a passion for the subjects but a gift for presenting it in a fun and relevant way. Think Simon Hauger from the Sustainability Workshop who was profiled on Frontline for inspiring students to solve problems and build hybrid cars.

Or even Science Bob from the StemFlix videos where he shows how to conduct fun and easy experiments. Here is one using hydrogen peroxide, soap and yeast to demonstrate how rocket fuel works. Yes try it at home or school!

The STEM Master Teacher program is in its early stages so there is no further information on how to apply or deadlines. But I hope this video inspires you to become a amazing teacher in those subject areas.

Teaching is about sharing so if you have a fun science, technology, engineering or math lesson on video or from a video you like, share the link with us here.