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Tech Thursday: Cool Android Apps that Cultivate Learning

Google Play has a host of educational apps that can jumpstart student learning and cultivate curiosity before they head back to school. They are designed for Android phones and tablets of course. Here’s a list of my top five and they are free!

1.) iStorybooks - Designed to teach young kids to read, it gives the option of having the character “Maya” read to you out loud or you can read the story yourself.

2.) The Official NASA App for Android - This app really connects students to the agency and space exploration through images, video and social media. It features an immense collection of pictures, live streaming from NASA TV and Twitter and Facebook feeds.

3.)Test Your English Vocabulary - For students preparing for entrance exams of any kind, this app is like an English vocabulary personal trainer. It includes vocabulary words from the SAT, TOEFL and GRE among other tests. It provides the pronunciation and the meaning.

4.) Math Tricks - Get students amped about calculations with this app. It helps students figure out how to add and multiply big figures quickly through shortcuts.

5.) Brain Teasers - This app offers just that - a collection of puzzles and riddles that challenge the brain.

What are your favorite educational Android Apps that cultivate student learning? Let us know with a comment here.

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