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Teachers Go to Georgia Tech for Free Online

You can take Georgia Tech’s Earth Science course Energy 101 or Information Technology class Computational Photography online for free. This is no gimmick and there is no catch.

Georgia Tech has joined a growing band of elite universities offering their courses online for free through the website Princeton, Stanford, Caltech and Duke are among the 16 institutions who are part of this.

The courses don’t follow the video lecture model. They are primarily self-directed. Instruction occurs through discussions, quizzes and forums. You will be able to ask questions that will likely be answered by teaching assistants or the frequently asked questions section.

Since the classes are free, you will not will get credit for them.

However, this just adds more alternatives for busy teachers in terms of professional development.

PBS Teacherline as always is a substantial resource to increasing teacher learning and skills. The next semester starts September 19. One of their popular classes for resource strapped Earth Science teachers, Global Climate Change Education for Middle and High School, is being offered. For more check out their full schedule.