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Five YouTube Videos for Professional Development

Summer break is not only an ideal time to take a vacation, but it’s an ideal time to slide in some professional development courses. You can take a six week course through PBS Teacherline that starts July 11th. You can also take unofficial classes through YouTube.

YouTube has millions of videos produced by major universities like Harvard and of course PBS on every subject imaginable. Here are a few to stimulate your mind while you’re at the lake or enjoying a staycation in your own backyard.

PBS Off Book is a web only series that explores cutting edge art, the artists that make it and the people that share it online.

Historical Context and Demos Illustrating the Relationship of Food and Science is a video lecture series that connects food preparation and physics.

Stories: Legacies of Who We Are is a video from TED Education that shows how to combine history with engaging storytelling.

Brain Teaser: Liar Truthteller Brain Teaser is a video from the Khan Academy YouTube channel meant to get you to "think".

Internet Safety: A Parent's Guide with Mr. Arturo Trejo is a humorous but practical video on the do's and don'ts of online safety.