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No One Can Fulfill Your Purpose But You

Guest blogger Mavian Arocha-Rowe, who consults with homeschool parents and is editor in chief of Strategy Magazine, shares this post of encouragement for parents.

Surely you have looked back from where you stand today and asked yourself, why in the world did I think or decide to homeschool my child? Perhaps the school system wasn't to par with what you wanted for your bright-eyed bundle of joy or perhaps you wanted a different experience from what you or your spouse encouraged when attending the public and private school sectors. Or better yet, you wanted your role as a parent to serve your child's education. Whichever reason you choose, you are well in the path of providing fulfillment for your homeschool students, or about to embark on this journey.

I am here to say... You are great. And why not? Did you know that Muhammad Ali, yes, "the" Muhammad Ali knew how vital it was to have the encouragement of fine words like: You're the greatest. You're the champ, as part of his success? He kept this secret to success so dear to his heart that he hired Bodini Brown to attend each of his fights and even press conferences to speak these words of encouragement as a form of active motivation.

And who is this perfect stranger telling homeschool moms and dads they are great? Journalist and communicator as trade; lover of art, children, and education, with all my heart. Little did I know when I was working late nights on magazine deadlines or while conferencing that I would acquire this unpredictable urge to love, mentor, and educate children and teenage girls as a calling, not a paycheck.

I have studied psychology, I have studied sociology; what have I learned? My most valued lesson: Being book smart without pulse or passion doesn't grant you success or better yet, fulfillment when educating children.

A magical moment rises when you witness an authentic smile from a child after exploring or creating their "own" science experiment with household items. One day I asked one of my dear homeschool students, "If you could choose one person from all of the people around the world, whether they are alive or in heaven, who would you choose?" With eyes of purity, she said, Ms. Mavi.

That was great.

Because I have never been in a classroom setting, I have used this to my advantage and have exposed children to the gifts and pleasures of life. Everything we ever want our children to know is at reach for them through our out-of-the-box thinking, and especially our love. In the understanding of agape love and exposing this to our children and students, we then impute patience, kindness, joy, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

The truth is, no one can fulfill your purpose but you.

This summer, aside from reevaluating or designing the ideal educational plans for your kiddies, and making sure the sunscreen is doing its job, take some time to be honest in your evaluation of yourselves and teaching approach. Never be lazy and serve your children and students with enthusiasm. Your methods are an act of your will, accompanied by emotions. And as your students grab onto this, they then, set into action... Let's ask ourselves, which direction are they headed, and why?

Mavian Arocha-Rowe is currently the editor-in-chief of Strategy Magazine, a business lifestyle publication that creatively provides a fusion of Business Learning & Life. She provides business tips to the ambitious professionals, and has a large heart and passion for youth and their education. As a calling, Arocha-Rowe consults homeschool parents and spends her off-time loving on kids. She is also a Speaker and Advocate for WellSpring Living, Adult Director for Ambassadors for Kids Club, on-air contributor for various news programs, and Director of Content and Education for The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism.