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Tech Thursday: Say Hello to my Little Interactive White Table

ActivTable is an Interactive Table from Promethean. (Photo courtesy
ActivTable is an Interactive Table from Promethean. (Photo courtesy

Interactive whiteboards are standard for many classrooms now. Be prepared to potentially meet their younger, hipper siblings - the Interactive Table this upcoming school year.

Interactive tables are great for fostering collaborative learning. Students gather around the table to conduct an activity. They use the table like a giant tablet. Each student touches the screen to take part in the lesson.

Additionally they can be used for a variety of activities from teaching students how to dissect a frog -without touching a real frog's guts - to taking apart engines or solving a word problems. With many of the lessons, the students need to reach a consensus on an answer before they can enter it.

This encourages group interaction.

While they have been around for a few years, I suspect more schools may adopt them because better, sleeker models are coming out that also interact with any digital device - i.e. smartphones, computers, tablets, and their older siblings interactive whiteboards.

Here’s a video from a more recent model from Promethean.