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And there's more.... Public School Cheating Goes National!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, by now everyone has heard about the Atlanta Public Schools Cheating scandals. Even though Atlanta appears to be the center of the scandals, slowly but surely other schools, states, and regions are now surfacing regarding cheating.

It is an outrage throughout the nation as parents, educators, and citizens feel as if our children are being cheated out of a worthy education. As reports surface, some educators and administrators have admitted to changing the scores on some of their students’ standardized tests as a way to ensure passing grades and higher overall test scores for their school.

When the scandal first broke, it was reported that over 10 Atlanta Public schools were indeed guilty of cheating on standardized test. However, as of recently the AJC has launched an investigation of potential cheating on a nationwide level .
They examined many schools including elementary schools that have received the Blue Ribbon Award.

After further investigation, it was discovered that many of those schools have had a peak in their recent test scores, which was a strong indication that there was something suspicious with the scoring.

However, in other related news, the cheating scandal has hit the collegiate level (surprising much? Yeah, I didn’t think so).

Now, College Entrance exams are requiring all test takers to provide a student photo ID after the SAT cheating scandal. Now, it’s been a few * cough * years since I have taken the SATs or ACTs but I thought providing proper identification was already required? Maybe not.

My question is who is to blame for this scandal? And is there a way to end cheating in our school systems?

Let’s hear from you and check back for more updates.