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DIY Science: How to Extract Your DNA

Yes. You read that right: “How to extract your DNA." NOVA has produced a step-by-step video showing how, in 8 simple steps using 4 basic household ingredients in about 6 minutes, you can look at a strand of your own DNA.

After watching this video (and getting over the initial “yuck” response), I was amazed and fascinated.

Teachers can visit NOVA’s webpage for more information around this topic to expand learning.

We want to hear from your class once you’ve tried the experiment.
•Did it work for you?
•What questions did your students ask about this topic and the experiment itself?
•Is it possible for them to know that it’s really their DNA and not that of whatever they ate last?

I love an experiment that can be done quickly and very affordably while stimulating good, relevant discussion in the classroom.

You can watch NOVA’s new episode “Cracking Your Genetic Code” on March 28 at 9pm on GPB.