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Introducing Our New Blog For Educators!

Welcome to the new GPB Education blog – Passion for Learning. You’ll hear from us throughout the year as we bring you new GPB Education resources Worth Sharing. We chose ‘Passion for Learning’ because we all have a passion for something – and among the GPB Education team – we have individual passions for topics that inspire us.

I look forward to sharing the work we do in partnership with others and the work of our team: Patrice will take you beyond the classroom with new resources for teachers and students, Rosemary will share technology trends and tools, and Heather has great connections to early childhood education and literacy resources.

A Passion for Partnerships

GPB has a long commitment and experience partnering with others in our statewide community and we are always excited to share these resources…. some great recent examples include:

And coming soon, an exciting release of resources and professional development on the implementation of Common Core standards with the Georgia Department of Education.

The GPB Digital Education portal is always a resource which gives teachers and students access to more than 100,000 digital media assets aligned to Georgia Performance Standards – so engaging that it was used by Georgia educators 4.9 million times during the last school year. Log in regularly and explore - by going to and scrolling down to find the log in area on the left hand side of the page.

And don't forget to tell us what you find Worth Sharing.

Welcome to the GPB Education Passion for Learning blog!