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GPB Stealth Drive

This spring GPB has a gift for you!  Instead of taking the time we normally do during radio fund drives to ask for your support, we’re giving you every minute of your favorite public radio programs. 

We’re calling this innovative way of fundraising GPB’s Stealth Drive. 

It’s all about more of what you come to GPB for and less fundraising. So, this spring, instead of a traditional fund drive, you’ll hear short messages reminding you that your support makes everything you hear on GPB Radio possible.   

We think this less disruptive style of fundraising on the air is a great idea. We think you will, too.  But it will only work when we hear from you.

Listeners provide the single most reliable source of funding for the programs we bring you. I hope you’ll take a moment to think about everything GPB adds to your life and do your part to help cover the costs of the programs you enjoy.  It’s quick and easy to donate online or call 800-222-4788.

As always, thanks for your support.