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Victoria Returns To GPB On Sunday January 14th And We’ll Be Live-Tweeting And Blogging The Whole Season!

Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Albert (Tom Hughes) await your return to Buckingham Palace for Season 2 of "Victoria".

The Queen has arrived with her subjects and drama in tow.

The much-anticipated second season of “Victoria” begins on Masterpiece this Sunday and just like you, we can’t wait to see which historical events Victoria, Albert, and the rest of Buckingham Palace will face this year. But after we saw the success of our “Victoria” premiere a few days ago, we want to keep the fan participation going throughout the season and reward our members with some special “Victoria”-themed prizes!

What does this mean for Georgia Public Broadcasting members? We’ll be covering the whole season of “Victoria” in two ways.

First, we will be live-tweeting each episode this season on our Twitter account @mygpb. If you remember the chatrooms from our “Desperate for Downton” days, this is the 2018 version. Get in on the conversation by watching along with us and using the hashtag #GPBLovesVictoriaPBS in your tweets (as well as tagging our @mygpb Twitter account). We’ll share some of our favorites from our GPB members as well as the national hashtags each Sunday night of “Victoria”’s broadcast.

Second, we’ll be creating blog entries for each episode of Victoria before the premiere of the new episode each Sunday. We plan to offer episode recaps (in case you need a mid-week refresher) and historical commentary each week as our series of “Victoria” Season 2 blogs aim to both inform and entertain.

Speaking of entertainment, each blog will also include our favorite “Tweet Of The Week”. We’ll highlight our favorite “Victoria"-related tweet from each Sunday’s live-tweet session and that Twitter user will win a “Victoria”-themed prize from us! To qualify for a prize, make sure you tag both our GPB Twitter account @mygpb and use our hashtag #GPBLovesVictoriaPBS in your tweet. We will message each Twitter winner directly as well as share their tweet on the blog. Insightful comments, memes, and our members enjoying “Victoria” will all be considered for the weekly prize! You have seven chances to win, including Sunday's premiere.

We may add more opportunities for prizes and giveaways on Facebook and on the blog as the season progresses. Season 2 of “Victoria” premieres Sunday, January 14th at 9 p.m.

Rachel Buchman Guest Blogger

Rachel Buchman serves as the Social Media Community Manager at GPB. She earned her degree in English Language and Literature from The University of Chicago and has been contributing to GPB’s social media platforms since 2016. She is an avid British and Australian TV fan with a love for all things Masterpiece Theatre. Outside... more