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Hey Did You Know... about Them Lions!!! (M.L.King High School)

This past Friday GPB, Sports Broadcasted the Coffee at MLK game. This was a great treat for myself because (for those who might not know already) MLK is my High School!!!
“Yup, Ladies and Gentlemen, Class of 2005!!”

I was so excited to have the opportunity to visit my high school to shoot the Principal and Coaches interviews.

I met up with Principal Everett Patrick, who was not MLK’s principal when I was a student there but I can tell that he is doing a fantastic job educating the students on the importance of being Kings and Queens of MLK.

Because of the time change, MLK’s football team had to practice at Halford Stadium under the stadium lights. So After our meeting with the Principal, Patrick (Cameraman) and I headed over to their practice to speak with Coach Michael Carlson.

Now, before leaving MLK it was so important for me to get a chance to meet up with my former band director Mr. Travis Kimber and see how things were going with the band. Pretty Great from what I saw!