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Hey Did You Know... that GPB made it back to South Georgia!!!

This past Friday, the GPB web production team made their way back down to South Georgia! Valdosta Georgia to be specific! Upon our arrival it was very obvious what a big game this was going to be; Colquitt County at Valdosta. When we arrived, the City Manager of Valdosta Larry Hanson gave us an official welcoming.

We had a chance to meet up with the Principal of Valdosta High School, Coach Rufus McDuffie and he not only showed us around but he educated us on all the things that makes Valdosta High School an awards winning school.

While roaming the halls of Valdosta High School, I kept running into a little trouble, getting caught by Mrs. Karen Cook and Mr. John Miller without my hall pass. They just took over my show!!! But did an awesome job! Thanks Guys!

And Of course, no sports blog would be complete without a word from Coach Rance Gillespie