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Hey Did You Know... GPB Webcast is taking over South Georgia; Our Trip to Moultrie!

This past Friday, Georgia Public Broadcasting went down south to the city of Moultrie Georgia to webcast one of the biggest games this season of Friday Night Football. It was the Lowndes Vikings against the Colquitt County Packers!
The day before the game, members of New Media (Hi, Guys!!) arrived in the City of Moultrie and were greeted by such a warm and inviting environment and group of people. The rest of the production crew joined us that Friday morning and received the same warm welcoming.
It became apparent very quickly that word had gotten around that Georgia Public Broadcasting was in South Georgia. Friday morning, we had a chance to meet with the Principal of Colquitt County High School; Principal Bob Jones and within our short time in his fabulous school, we had a chance to chat, eat some cake and even meet some “Luna”tics!!!!

Personally one of the best experiences was being asked to speak with Principal Jones’ wife’s communication class (Hi! Mrs. Jones… and Class!!!) Their humble and loving welcoming is unforgettable. It is always great to encounter such well behaved, eager to learn high school students!!! (I see great things guys!!!)

After Speaking with Principal Jones and some staff and students, we met with the beautiful Amy Johnson who is the Marketing and Main Street Director of the City of Moultrie (Hi, Amy!!!). With her help, we met the Mayor of Moultrie Bill McIntosh who issued a “Welcome to the City of Moultrie” just for our GPB web game!

We had a fantastic time in Moultrie Georgia and on Behalf of Georgia Public Broadcasting and the GPB Friday Night Web production crew, we are very grateful for the hospitality, the welcoming, and appreciation. However last but not least what would be a GPB football Friday’s game without a Hey Did You Know…. And thanks to the fabulous Amy Johnson and some very special residents of Moultrie Georgia we put together a very special Hey Did You Know… about the City of Moultrie!!! Check this out!