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Ringgold High and Heritage High: Rivals on the field, Family in life....

It has been over 6 months since the tornados of Georgia hit the small town of Ringgold. As we drove off the exit into this humble town, we noticed that a lot of the damages were still there, almost as if time stood still. Resturants, gas stations, hotels were all still in ruins and near by homes were in the process of being repaired. A heart breaking sight was over come by the uplifting spirits of the Catoosa County. Having the opportunity to speak with the assistant Principal of Ringgold and Principal of Heritage was a heart-warming experience. Hearing their perspectives of how it personally affected them and how it was so important for them to remain strong while thousands of parents, teachers, and students looked to them for advice, for a resolution, and for help.

Ringgold Tigers and Heritage Generals have had a bitter rival for the past 4 years, created by many things depending on who you ask. But in one school’s time of need; that rivalry appeared to be irrelevant as a community pulled together to help each other survive….