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Hey!! Did You Know... Lovett High @ Buford High!! Tonight!

Lovett High School is located in Atlanta Georgia, this school was established in 1926 and they are home to the Lions. This beautiful private school campus offers their students many college-like activities to engage in such as their very own in house greenhouse, where students have the chance to grow and take care of exotic plants from different countries. Students also have the opportunity to take care of marine life in a special classroom full of fish tanks and interesting under water creatures. Lovett Schools is rich in tradition and ensures an outstanding education for all students grades pre-K through high school. So Hey Did You Know… that Lovett High School was voted one of 2011’s top all around high schools in the state of Georgia by Atlanta Magazine. And Did You Also Know… that each year, Lovett Students along with other independent students throughout Atlanta join forces to build a habitat home for families in need.

Buford High School was established in 1948 and is home to the Wolves. This school was voted one of America’s Best High Schools in 2010 by Newsweek Magazine, so obviously academics in a top priority on this beautiful campus. This school offers its students the chance to be a part of the school’s amazing Fine Arts program, in which students have the ability to excel in numerous ensembles such as jazz band, musical theatre, visual arts and drama tech. However, for those students who enjoy sweating it out on the field or court, Buford also offers their students many different sports. The Buford athletics department consists of basketball, baseball, football, soccer, cheerleading, lacrosse, track and field and others.
So… Hey, Did You Know… that Buford High School was selected as one of 23 high schools in the state of Georgia to receive the Single Statewide Accountability Silver Award in 2009 for its outstanding student achievements.