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In Case You Missed it! Hey Did You Know... Blessed Trinity vs Grady!!

Blessed Trinity High School is located in Roswell, Georgia. This Catholic school was established in 1999 with beautiful campus full of tradition and school spirit is also home to the mighty Titans. Students attending Blessed Trinity have the opportunity to become involved with varies campus activities such as cheerleading, softball, the Spanish club, science Olympiad, swimming and diving, the dance team and many more. This school makes it their priority to enrich each student with the importance of their mission statement which is to provide a nurturing educational environment that transforms lives in Christ, integrating spiritual formation, academic excellence, artistic sensibility, and athletic achievements.** So, Hey Did You Know that Blessed Trinity High School has one of the top sports medicine programs in the state of Georgia. Did You also Know that in 2010 Blessed Trinity’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity raised over $11,000 to help build homes in North Georgia and earthquake relief for the victims in Haiti.


Grady High School was named after Henry W. Grady who was the editor of The Atlanta Constitution and an advocate of a “New South” in the post-Civil War era. Grady High has a long traditional history of producing leaders for our city, state, and nation. Grady has made it their mission to provide an excellent Public School education for students. Grady houses the Atlanta Public School’s Communication Magnet, Health Science academy, Fine Arts academy, and the Travel and Tourism academy that offers instructions for all students of every academic proficiency levels. Grady also offers cross country for boys and girls, varsity and JV football, softball, volleyball, and co-ed track and field. Hey!!! Did You Know… That Grady High was named Georgia School of Excellence in 1991, 1995, and 2001? In addition, their Magnet School of Communications has consistently produced award-winning work in print and broadcast journalism, forensics, publishing, and the fine arts for the past 23 years. * Did You also know… that Grady High School is one of only 5 high schools to receive the College Board 2011 Inspiration Honorable Mention Awards and that locations on Grady’s campus has been used to film MTV’s Television series “Teen Wolf” and the blockbuster hit “Remember the Titans”