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Hey Did You Know... St. Pius X @ Westminster kicks off GPB Football Fridays!!

St. Pius Catholic High School first opened its doors in September of 1958 equipped with only a few classes and just enough desks and chairs to contain 400 students. Over 50 years later St. Pius has expanded its building and staff to accommodate the thousands of students that walk the halls daily. St. Pius offers their students the chance to participant in football, cheerleading, soccer, softball and many different student organizations such as the Chess Club, French Club, Math Club, Quiz Bowl and many more.

Hey!! Did You Know… That a freshman named Savannah Tully was selected as 1 of 400 state finalists in the Doodle 4 Google competition? The overall amount of competitive entries across the nation was over 33,000 and Savannah placed in the top 400! Congrats to Savannah, who actually joins a fellow schoolmate and the former 2008 State Finalist in Doodle 4 Google winner Jake Henderson. Did You also know… that besides being named one of Atlanta’s Best Schools by Atlanta Magazine, St. Pius X has been named the Triple A Regions Directors Cup winner for the third year in a row. The Golden Lions Soccer Team has been named Powerade Fab 50 national Champions and became the 1st team in Georgia to complete the season on top. *


Westminster High School was first established in 1951 and 60 years later the High School is composed of over 813 students and 100 faculty on a spacious and beautiful campus. According to Westminster’s homepage, in the 1950’s the school became a test site for a new advanced studies program that soon evolved into the College Board’s Advanced Placement program.** The first graduating class was in 1955 and included 108 students; After 60 years of excellent education, those numbers get higher and higher. The Beautiful private high school of Westminster offers their students many clubs and activities to actively be apart of such as the Drama Club, pep band and chorus, dance, art club, as well as football, basketball and cheerleading.

In fact, every year Westminster host a mini carnival called the Pigskin Picnic, where the community can gather to enjoy Barbeque, face painting and loads for fun with a double dose of school sprit! I cant wait! But in the meantime…. Hey Did You Know… that Westminster was one of the first southern private schools to become integrated in 1965? Did You also know… that Westminster’s Debate Team won the Prestigious Baker Award at the 37th annual Harvard National invitation Forensics Tournament. Great job guys!