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Training On Silk

Written By: GPB Sports Intern Savannah Pratt

Spinning and flipping through the air is just a daily routine for the aerial artists at Sky Gym.

"What is Sky Gym?" you might be asking…

Sky Gym is a training facility for all levels of silk aerialist. These athletes train with their body weight on silks supporting 2,000 pounds. The suspended silk allows them to climb to different heights, sometimes preforming at 18’ to 35’. Did I mention that they are not harnessed?

The first priority is safety. The beginning aerialist starts trains only a few feet off the ground. You are in good hands with Sky Gym’s experienced trainers

Amber Monson, the founder of Sky Gym, started training on aerial silks ten years ago.

“I started just for fun. I hated going to the gym. I wanted something that would keep me interested," she said.

This acrobatic sport is growing increasingly in popularity. Could we see aerial acrobatics in the 2020 Olympics? Amber Monson believes that it is definitely a possibility.

Now you can see it for yourself!

Watch this video to see amazing footage of Aerial Silks Athletes at Sky Gym.

Photography by Matthew Sims