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Do Video Games Make Better Athletes?

For those of you who are avid high school football fans, you know that each week on Football Fridays in Georgia, we run a poll question for all of our viewers to weigh in on. Sometimes the questions are more fun and lighthearted, sometimes they're more controversial.

I would say that this week's poll question falls under the "fun" category.

We've all heard of video games like Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation…thousands of games have been created for these systems as our society has become more technologically savvy. More recently, extremely interactive games like the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Kinect allow people to physically perform the activities incorporated within the games, like swinging a "tennis racket" to hit the tennis ball onto a virtual court or swinging a "golf club" to hit the golf ball onto a virtual course, rather than working with a joystick and buttons on a traditional controller.

We've even heard about college and professional athletes who play these kinds of games constantly...often acting as themselves within the game! This makes me wonder, if athletes are playing these interactive sports-related video games, is it possible that the technology is improving their performance on the field, the court, etc.? Or is the only valuable experience gained during real-life play?

Tonight, we want to know what your opinion is. Whether you're a current athlete, a former athlete, a parent, a sports fanatic, or a video game guru--we want to know what you think at Watch tonight's contest between GAC and Westminster on TV or on the Web and you may even get to see me try out the Nintendo Wii live!

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