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"Band of Brothers" Inspires The Lovett School

Hello, my name is James Wilby, and I am GPB's Social Media Correspondent of the week. I am currently a senior at The Lovett School, which is a member of the 6- AA football region. This week we play St. Pius, and after a disappointing, but extremely hard-fought match last week against Marist High School, the school looks forward to a rebound. The team, while productive and focused during the summer, has found a new, and even greater motivation that persists week in and week out. This motivation comes from a fellow senior football player, Jackson Lourie. Last January, when football workouts officially began, Lourie, as well as several other senior leaders, took the team under his wing and worked out consistently from January up until August. However, several weeks into the season, Lourie suffered what seemed to be a season-ending leg injury that left the team in a state of shock. Because of the impact that Lourie had on the team as a whole, players now wear his number (#9), on the front of their helmets in recognition to his perseverance and commitment to Lovett's “Band of Brothers”. In fact, just last week Lourie managed to walk on his own without crutches, an accomplishment that came three weeks early. Because of his hard work and quick recovery, there is a chance he may get to step out onto the field towards the end of the season, a feat no one thought was possible. As a result of Lourie's success, the team now functions on two new motives: first, the team is dedicated to play not for oneself, but for one another, and second, to play each play like it is the last. These motives have enabled to the team to currently hold a 2-1 record, beating AAA teams Woodward and Blessed Trinity. What is even more impressive is that this “Band of Brothers” is slowly making its way into the lives of the Lovett student body. Signs are posted in the school depicting current news of the football team, and the doors at the entrance of the school's main gymnasium are covered with blue and white writing, cheering on the Lovett football team. With this much student body support, the Lions begin the week filled with confidence and a thirst for victory this Friday.