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The Golden Days

Fall 2008 Dunwoody High School Football Cheerleading
Fall 2008 Dunwoody High School Football Cheerleading

Sports Fans!

I am so happy to now be a part of this amazing GPB Sports crew--one that recognizes the value of both education and athletics within the lives of young people and that works so hard to promote and provide both to our state and WORLD on TV and through the web!

High school brings a variety of experiences to teenagers. For some students, high school means going to class, getting the work done, and walking out of the door four years later with a diploma in-hand. For others, their school is their world--their friends, family, mentors, teachers, clubs, leadership roles, camps, hobbies, and sports.

Well, when I was a teen, my school was world...sometimes even my "second home." I wouldn't trade those days for anything.

I grew up in Dunwoody, Georgia and I spent my teenage years at Dunwoody High. I was fortunate enough to spend year after year with many of the same friends and classmates. I was a busy kid in high school and that's the lifestyle I liked--arriving to school early and leaving late for things like Spanish Honor Society, SGA, class cabinet, swimming, and cheerleading.

Now, there are so many arguments about whether or not cheerleading is actually a sport…and this can be a tiresome one to defend. But when I stood on the sidelines underneath those friday night lights, I didn't care whether or not cheerleading was a legitimate sport. I just loved the energy of the moment and the opportunity to have a role within each Friday night story, cheering with my best friends, my classmates, my parents, my teachers, and of course, my Dunwoody Wildcats. The spirit and energy that surrounded those games was something that is unique to high school sports--a truly unforgettable experience.

My high school days and my involvement with something as special as Georgia high school football and basketball will always be a part of who I am. That is why I cannot WAIT to again be a part of that experience by working with GPB to bring those special moments to families and fans across the state of Georgia. We started this season off with a bang, broadcasting five, that's right...FIVE football games in one day for the Corky Kell Classic. Next was the Battle of the Big Chicken double-header at McEachern high! This week we move on to Centennial for their contest with Etowah. There is so much more to look forward to in the upcoming weeks and I hope you can be a part of the experience. Cheers to the 2012 season, we'll see you on Friday!