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In a Social Media Dominated World…

We’re about midway through football season and while it’s not quite over, I can’t help but get a little excited that basketball is almost here!

Well, almost, almost here. If the NBA can ever come to an agreement, that is.

I literally don’t know how I will make it through winter without the NBA.

I love my Atlanta Hawks and I want to be in Philips Arena this season cheering on Josh Smith (don’t hate), Jamal Crawford and you better believe the best man on the court, Al Horford.

And since I bleed red, white and navy blue for my Hawks you also better believe I’m NOT a fan of Lebron James, Dwight Howard (I don’t care if he is from Atlanta) or Kobe Bryant.

The other day Magic Johnson called out LeBron James in a speech at the University of Albany and ESPN wants to know if it was “out of line.”

“There’s always going to be guys that win championships in the NBA, except LeBron,” said Magic Johnson.
Magic later apologized for the comment, which was his only flaw in this whole discussion. Were his comments about LeBron out of line?

Absolutely NOT! Look, this is an age where media AND social media is starting to dominate conversations and topics. People now have a bigger platform to express themselves.

And if you’re going to act like LeBron acts and “celebrate yourself when there is nothing to celebrate,” (ESPN) then you put yourself out there and people are going to react.

In my opinion, this didn’t just happen to LeBron--- he asked for it.

I think that LeBron will eventually win a championship, but this year wasn’t his. I mean you better win at least one championship if you buy the top players in the league to play on one team.

Social media has become a huge phenomenon and when LeBron works so hard at putting himself out there, you better bet your bottom dollar that there will be backlash.

Magic Johnson had every right to say what he did about LeBron and I don’t think he should have apologized for it. LeBron will receive his credit once he’s proved that credit is deserved.

Even now, say what you want about this article… I’m putting it out there…