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Golf's Great Gadget in Georgia

By Gil TyreePosted August 10, 2011 10:05am (EDT)
Golf's Great Gadget in Georgia

Here in the GREAT state of Georgia we have the opportunity to host 3 of Golf's premiere events; The Masters in Augusta in April, The PGA Championship in Johns Creek this week, and The PGA Tour Championship at East Lake in September.

For many of us golf fans, that means walking and lots of it - which also means GREAT exercise. This week we say hello to the pedometer.


The pedometer is a small device worn on our body. It counts and measures the numbers of steps we take, giving us an idea of how much exercise spectators will gain by walking the grounds of the Atlanta Athletic Club.

David Donatucci with pedometer

To encourage us to take those HEALTHY steps, The PGA of America is distributing these free devices to fans. PGA of America is urging participants to join in "Let's Move on Course!", which is sponsored by Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). It promotes health and fitness benefits that come with spending time walking the golf course.

The PGA of America supports the government's campaign to combat childhood obesity. Let's Move on Course hopes to inspire youth, and adults to view golf as a healthy, positive activity for staying fit. While we watch some GREAT Golf, we'll have attached to our hips a GREAT gadget that helps add years to our lives.

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