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Georgia's Top 50 Public Companies!

June 25, 2014 11:40am (EDT)

Do you know Georgia's top 50 public companies? These companies are ranked by the latest annual revenue as well as information obtained from the Securities and Exchange Commision Form 10K and annual reports. This data also contains the net income and percent change in revnue and net income. 

The 5 LARGEST public companies:

The Home Depot

United Parcel Service

The Coca-Cola Co.

Delta Airlines Inc.

Aflac Inc. 


Arris Group., had a 167.49% increase and Ocwen Financial Corp., had a 141.16% increase making them the two companies which saw the largest revenue increase. Delta Air Lines Inc., with 944.6% increase and Interface Inc. with 711.96% increase are the winners for most net income. 


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