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Interviewing Tips and Advice

Catherine Conlan, of, gives her tips to a successful interview.
Catherine Conlan, of, gives her tips to a successful interview., an online employment resource provider, offers job seekers advice, tools and resources to land your ideal job. Catherine Conlan, a contributing writer for, recently wrote an article on the "5 Best Things to Say in an Interview." Below are highlights from her article, which will hopefully provide guidance to any job seeker going through the interviewing process.

1. Ask Good Questions. Good questions show you are engaged in the interviewing process and that you are interested in understanding the company. Questions could include, " What are the biggest short- and long-term issues I would to focus on in this position," or "What organizational issues should I be aware of?"

2. Be Flexible. Hiring managers do not like complications, so be flexible with interviewing days and/or times, a potential start date, or job description. Being flexible shows you are interested in results that work for everyone.

3. The Company's Own Words. Become familiar with the company's website, literature and mission statement. Using some of the key words in your interviewing answers can show that you understand what is important to the company.

4. "That's a Good Question." Instead of saying, "I don't know," to a surprise question, use the phrase, "That's a good question." This strategy can give you a moment to think about your answer.

5. Reasons You Want the Job. Knowing a job prospect's motivations is important for managers who are hiring. Be able to express your thoughts about how the job fits in with your values, your future, and what you would like to learn from it.

For more of Catherine Conlan's article, please click HERE.