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Georgia State Ranked 24th Best Law School in U.S.

GSU Law School Among the Nation's Best
GSU Law School Among the Nation's Best

The popular legal website has just released their first ranking of the nation’s top law schools.

Stanford University is ranked as America’s top law school followed by Yale, Harvard, and Penn.

According to the website, the rankings are created by focusing on two major criteria: the quality of the students getting into a law school and the success of the graduates going out.

Statistical factors considered in determining each school’s score:

  • Acceptance rates (25%)
  • Median LSAT scores (25%)
  • Graduation rates (25%)
  • Median private sector salaries (12.5%)
  • Median public interest salaries (12.5%)

The website listed Georgia State’s high national ranking as a surprise, writing:

Georgia State, No. 54 in U.S. News’ ranking, is No. 24 in ours. The reason is simple: the school performs well in several categories we weight more heavily. For one, Georgia State has an acceptance rate of 26.8%, which means it’s harder to get into than NYU, UT-Austin, Georgetown, and a number of other well-regarded law schools. Combine the competitive admissions process with the fact that 64.5% of Georgia State students graduate with a job lined up—not too bad for a law school—and the fact that the median public interest salary is a respectable $54,268, and you have a winner. No. 25 George Mason also fared surprisingly well: in U.S. News’ ranking, it’s only No. 41. Like Georgia State, the school has a slightly higher acceptance rate than NYU.