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Certain Professions Offer a Higher Level of Job Security
Certain Professions Offer a Higher Level of Job Security

What are the "hot" jobs across the U.S.?

In a recent study by, there are some jobs that have a higher level of job security due to the fact that opportunities in the field are expected to grow.

“Some fields are becoming obsolete while others are going to see rapid growth in the next 10 years,” says Katie Bardaro, lead analyst at online salary database “Finance, software development and engineering are just a few of the fields with higher levels of job security, as jobs in these fields are projected to grow much faster than the typical career.”

Eight high-paying jobs with staying power, according to


  • Biomedical Engineer: Projected Growth 62Percent
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer: Projected Growth 44 Percent
  • Marketing Analyst: Projected Growth 41 Percent
  • Dental Hygienist: Projected Growth 38 Percent
  • Cost Estimator: Projected Growth 36 Percent
  • Financial Adviser: Projected Growth 32 Percent
  • Database Administrator: Projected Growth 31 Percent
  • Software Developer: Projected Growth 30 Percent