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Saddle Ridge Schools Go Digital

Travis Allen is changing the way Walker County is educating children.
Travis Allen is changing the way Walker County is educating children.

Travis Allen and his iSchool Initiative is changing and enhancing the way students and teachers are learning by integrating technology into the classroom.

The story begins in 2009 when Travis had his smartphone confiscated in class while using it to take notes. There seemed to be a disconnect from the “real world” to the classroom.  Currently a student at Kennesaw State University, Travis and a group of students and mentors have embarked on a mission to help teachers and students integrate technology into the classroom and offer professional development to educators.

Their mission statement is, “… to inspire and educate both students and teachers to become lifelong digital learners. We accomplish this by advocating for technology reform in today’s education system.”

Walker County’s Saddle Ridge Elementary and Middle School is the first school in the nation to feature the iSchool Initiative. Saddle Ridge teachers will integrate a wide variety of apps and programs to enable interactive learning with digital devices, while working toward a “paperless classroom.”

“For many of our teachers this is a new concept, but they are so excited about some of the possibilities associated with it,” superintendent Damon Raines stated to the

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