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Protecting Yourself from Online Job Fraud

Job Fraud is Becoming More Prevalent
Job Fraud is Becoming More Prevalent

Job searching has changed throughout the years. No longer is job searching looking in the Sunday paper nor is it using the traditional method of printing and mailing multitudes of resumes. Rather, the internet has changed the way job seekers find employment. One consequence of using the internet for the job search, however, is that scams and fraud are becoming all too common. The FTC reports approximately 12% of total fraud involves employment fraud (

Lindsay Olson, from US News & World Report, says there are key items to watch out for that points towards a scam: 

  • 1. The job isn't what it says it is. 
  • 2. They ask for money. 
  • 3. They want your personal information. 
  • 4. They want you to cash a check. 
  • 5. The link in the ad takes you somewhere else.

A few helpful guidelines while online job searching, according Ms. Olson, would be to first research a company before applying. Also, never give out personal information, especially bank account information or social security number. Finally, trust your instincts. If a job seems too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

To read Lindsay Olson’s full article, please click HERE.