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G & K Services Donates Nearly $1 Million in Work Apparel

By Chip Rogers Posted July 31, 2013 1:32pm (EDT)
United Way of Greater Atlanta Received more than 70,000 pieces of work apparel.

United Way of Greater Atlanta Received more than 70,000 pieces of work apparel.

G & K Services, Inc., a uniform and facility service company, has donated more than 70,000 pieces of new or gently used work apparel to the United Way of Greater Atlanta this past year, they announced in a press release today. Over the past two years, G&K Services has donated nearly $1 million worth of work pants, shirts and other clothing to United Way of Greater Atlanta.

“We’re pleased to continue our support of United Way and its partner organizations in the Atlanta area,” said Jeffrey L. Wright, G&K’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. “G&K’s success depends on people working. So it’s gratifying to see our donated uniforms used to improve job training and education programs that help people develop workplace skills.”

G&K Services is committed to Building Communities that Work, supporting non-profit organizations focused on educating, training and clothing the workforces in our communities. Efforts are directed at helping people reach their full potential, especially in their work and careers.

For more information on G&K Services’ community involvement, please visit

There are several job opportunities with G & K in the Metro Atlanta area. For more information, please click HERE.

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