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Medient Studios Breaking Ground in August

Coming Soon to Effingham County.....
Coming Soon to Effingham County.....

The Master Plan has been approved, and Medient Studios, Inc. will be breaking ground in Effingham County on August 29th according to their recent press blog. Medient Studios, Inc will be the largest movie and game production facility and campus in the United States once completed.

Manu Kumaran, Chairman of Medient said that his company was confident of getting the facility functional by the first quarter of 2014. “We want the Studioplex to be an integral part of the local community, something that the entire community can be proud of. As our first slate of movies gets underway we will have the eyes of the entire world on Effingham. We won’t let you down!!” he added.

Medient Studios will soon be releasing “Yellow” directed by Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook) and will be starring Heather Wahlquist, Sienna Miller, Melanie Griffith, Max Theriot and Ray Liotta.