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Alternative Energy – Georgia Style

Georgia is a world leader in providing biomass energy products
Georgia is a world leader in providing biomass energy products

The hot topic in the world of energy is fracking technology used in oil and gas exploration. However, here in Georgia, Biomass has quietly become an economic engine.

Biomass for fuel is essentially the consumption of wood-based products to create energy.

According to experts in the industry, Georgia’s entire biomass production has been purchased through the year 2015.The current industry simply cannot create enough to satisfy demand.

Most of the biomass product goes to fuel European energy plants that burn wood pellets.

A recent editorial in the Blackshear Times documented the strong economic impact this industry is having on South Georgia.

“Georgia is growing 20 million tons of trees more than are being harvested every year,” explains Georgia Biomass procurement forester Barry Parrish. “We’re only tapping 20 percent of the excess growth. There’s five million extra tons being grown just within our 75-mile radius.”

Eighty-five employees at Georgia Biomass are drawing paychecks. Hundreds, probably thousands, more are impacted by this new industry. Someone once said Georgia is the Saudi Arabia of trees.

Given what is happening in the energy sector, such a statement may prove to be a very “rich” and accurate description.