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Georgia Urban Interstate Conditions - #1 in the U.S.

Reason Foundation Ranks Georgia Highways Among the Best
Reason Foundation Ranks Georgia Highways Among the Best

The Reason Foundation, a national public policy think-tank, has released their 20th annual report on U.S. road conditions and cost effectiveness rankings.

The Reason study covers overall performance of state owned highway systems from 1984 to 2009.

Reason used 11 criteria to judge each of the 50 states including highway expenditures, interstate and primary road pavement condition, bridge condition, urban interstate congestion, fatality rates and narrow rural lanes.

Georgia ranks 12th overall in road conditions and effectiveness. North Dakota topped the list for a fifth consecutive year.

Two categories have Georgia ranked best in the nation. Georgia is ranked #1 for Urban Interstate Condition and tops for Rural Principle Arterial Condition.

For more information on the Reason Foundation and their annual road condition report click HERE.