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The Hottest Job in America?

Managing supply chains around the world is in great demand
Managing supply chains around the world is in great demand

It may be the most demanded position in the U.S. economy.

Experts with the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics predict 200,000 of these jobs will go unfilled every year between now and 2018.

What is it? Supply chain management.

A recent story uncovers the global need for new employees with an educational background in supply chain management.

“Our clients are always hiring talent in supply-chain management,” says Allan Krul, principal in the supply-chain and manufacturing operations practice at Deloitte Consulting in Atlanta. “Consulting and industry are all at business schools looking for the same kind of talent.”

Krul, who leads Deloitte’s MBA recruiting efforts in this area, says employers with sophisticated supply chains are looking for employees who have previous experience, strong communication and interpersonal skills, deep analytical capability, and an understanding of the relevant technology. “The supply chain has become a source of competitive advantage for our clients,” he adds.

Rutgers University started a supply chain management program for MBA students back in 2001. The program is now the largest concentration among full-time MBA students.

Georgia currently has 12 accredited supply chain management programs in the university system. For a listing click HERE