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Paulding County - Newest Home for Clean Energy Company

Certified DEF Helps Clean Diesel Fuel Exhaust
Certified DEF Helps Clean Diesel Fuel Exhaust

Brigham City, UT-based Certified DEF has chosen Dallas, GA as the new site for a packaging and distribution facility.

Certified DEF produces diesel exhaust fluid, which is a non-hazardous and non-toxic water based product placed in diesel vehicles to reduce their emissions.

The product is sold directly to trucking companies, diesel fuel centers and distributors, auto parts stores and retail outlets.

According to a report at, the new facility will create up to 20 new positions.

Mike Sarris, president of Certified DEF, said the company selected Paulding County over a number of Metro Atlanta counties.

"We are very pleased to be opening our Southeast facility in Paulding. Not only have we found several key employees in the area, but it provides an ideal location to serve our customers from and it is near several of our main suppliers.

"The folks at Paulding County Economic Development were great. Not only did they help us in our search for a specific building but they helped with a number of critical components of the project relating to building permits, opportunity zone incentives, equipment needed for our trucks, plumbers, internet service, health insurance and employee recruitment. From the beginning, Paulding County separated itself from the other communities and the assistance provided by the Paulding economic development team was a key factor in Certified DEF's decision to locate our facility in Dallas."

Certified DEF begins operations in late June at the new Dallas location. The company is currently hiring for all positions.