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What Are the Hot Jobs in Metro Atlanta?

Baxter is Set to Become the Leading Bioscience Employer in Georgia
Baxter is Set to Become the Leading Bioscience Employer in Georgia

The Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce (MAC) has released a workforce trend report showing certain jobs in metro Atlanta being posted at 4.5 times higher than the national average.These “hot” jobs include bioscience, technology, supply chain & logistics.

The study was conducted over the 28-county metro Atlanta region.

According to the report, the overall listing of jobs has increased dramatically in just the last couple years.

"One of the most significant findings of the report showed that in 2010, there were 247,283 total jobs posted in metro Atlanta in all sectors. In 2012, there were 410,571, a 60 percent increase," said Sam A. Williams, MAC president. "The increase demonstrates that metro Atlanta continues to be a thriving hub for business, especially in key industry sectors."

In tandem with the Workforce Trends Report, MAC also launched a workforce database. The site is geared toward the CEO, CIO, HR professional or other senior staffer involved in hiring and staffing, but casual browsers are also welcomed. This inventory is the largest and most comprehensive listing of those resources for several of the fastest-growing industry sectors in the region. These include: digital media and gaming, financial transactions processing, healthcare IT, internet security, logistics/distribution, software development, supply chain software and wireless/mobility.

For more information on the complete MAC report click HERE