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15 Programming Skills Employers Want Most

By Chip Rogers Posted May 29, 2013 10:53am (EDT)
Computer Programming Jobs Remain in High Demand

Computer Programming Jobs Remain in High Demand

More and more employers are requiring some programming skills for anyone interested in career associated with technology.

The good people at have compiled a list of the 15 programming skills most desired by employers.

The number one most desired skill is SQL. According to the report lists more than 98,000 SQL jobs open nationwide.

1. SQL

2. Java


4. JavaScript

5. C++

6. XML

7. C#

8. C

9. Perl

10. Python

11. PHP

12. Objective C

13. AJAX


15. Ruby

A large number of schools in Georgia teach computer programming, including almost every Technical Education school. For a complete list click HERE

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