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New Nuclear Power to Create Thousands of Georgia Jobs

Construction of Georgia's Plant Vogtle Continues
Construction of Georgia's Plant Vogtle Continues

Officials with the Nuclear Energy Institute believe increased nuclear power is creating thousands of immediate construction related jobs and will support tens of thousands long-term jobs in Georgia and South Carolina.

According to the website Power Engineering, Nuclear Energy Institute CEO, Marvin Fertel, says nuclear power expansion in the southern states will lead to economic growth.

Fertel pointed to the completion of basemats at the new reactors under construction in Georgia and South Carolina—which are 40 percent complete—as evidence that nuclear power has a key place in our national economy and energy future.

“These are the largest construction projects in their states, and they are driving direct employment for nearly 4,000 workers, twice that during peak construction,” said Fertel. “The projects also are creating ancillary jobs across America in component manufacturing, modular construction and other services. The projects in Georgia and South Carolina will support about 35,000 US jobs, according to analysis by Westinghouse and the Shaw Group,” he said.